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Trade Missions
Participate in an official trade mission to help your business sell and find partners in a new market.

Trade Mission Testimonials

What Trade Mission Participants Are Saying

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Explore our showcase of firsthand experiences from successful business professionals who have embarked on a trade mission.

These testimonials illustrate the unique avenues that have opened doors to new opportunities and forged valuable connections.

Event: Executive-led Cybersecurity Business Development Mission 
Sectors/Industries: Cybersecurity 
Locations: Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan

Participating in the Executive-led Cybersecurity Business Development Mission to Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan was a game-changer for our organization. It broadened our understanding of the cybersecurity landscape in the region and facilitated vital connections with regional key leaders and potential partners. These engagements, as part of the executive led U.S. Department of Commerce delegation, elevated our brand’s international visibility and credibility. The guidance and support provided by the mission organizers were exemplary, ensuring we were well-prepared to effectively navigate the cultural and business nuances of the East Asian markets. Thanks to this invaluable opportunity, we now stand better positioned to thrive and grow in the global cybersecurity landscape. We want to thank the U.S. Commercial Service teams in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan again for all the preparation and coordination, which resulted in high-quality engagements.

- Wade Saunders, Account Manager, International Sales 
Sealing Tech


Event: Advanced Manufacturing Business Development Mission 
Sectors/Industries: Automation equipment and services, manufacturing technologies 
Locations: Indonesia, Singapore, and Japan

This was my first trade mission and I really did not know what to expect. Looking back on the mission, I frequently think about how well organized and executed the entire mission was. Our introduction to our potential client in Batam, Indonesia, was so valuable that we traveled back to Indonesia for an additional meeting. As a next step we will meet again in the U.S. and if things develop from there, we might have the potential to export to Batam. This would not have happened without the trade mission.

- Joshua Watson 
EIS Automation


Event: Minority Business Focused Trade Mission 
Sectors/Industries: Technology 
Locations: Italy, Spain, and Portugal

PhDsoft Technology was proud to be part of the Minority Mission in May 2022. It has opened new opportunities which we continue to pursue, but also allowed us to learn about the European market (Italy, Spain, and Portugal). We now have a more effective strategy to penetrate this market due to our understanding and connections. It saved us time and money in market research and networking. PhDsoft is already presenting our technology to large European companies, this would have taken much longer if we hadn’t had the support of the US Commercial Service, the Texas International Trade (EDT office of governor) and of course have joined the Minority Mission.

- Rosana Ellis, C.O.O. 
PhDsoft Technology


Event: Cyber Security Business Development Trade Mission 
Sectors/Industries: Cyber Security 
Locations: Peru, Chile, and Uruguay

Byron Carroll, Founder and President of Carroll International, participated in the Cyber Security Trade Mission to South America in 2022. Watch Mr. Carroll’s video testimonial to learn about his experience attending the trade mission.

Map of the World with All Flags in Background
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