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Our trade experts in the U.S. and Spain can help you find trade opportunities and win international business.

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U.S. Commercial Service Spain

If your company needs export assistance, begin by contacting your local U.S. Commercial Service in the United States. Our trade professionals are in more than 100 locations nationwide and can help coordinate with our overseas offices.

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Embassy of the United States of America
US Commercial Service
Serrano, 75
28006 Madrid, Spain
Phone: (+34) 91 564 8976
Email: office.madrid@trade.gov

DPO Address
U.S. Commercial Service
UNIT 8500, Box 21
DPO, AE 09642


Cameron Werker, Commercial Counselor
Linda Caruso, Commercial Attaché


Contacts by Industry



Agribusiness (including Irrigation) Angela Turrin
Apparel Carmen Ribera
Architectural/Constr./Engineering Carlos Perezminguez
Audio/Visual Equipment Carmen Ribera
Automobile/Light Truck/Vans Carlos Perezminguez
Automotive Parts/Services Eq. Carlos Perezminguez
Aviation/Aerospace Services Carlos Perezminguez
Biotechnology Helen Crowley
Cloud Computing & Services Jesus Garcia
Computer Software Jesus Garcia
Construction Eq. Carlos Perezminguez
Consumer Goods Cristina Cazorla
Cosmetics/Toiletries Carmen Ribera
Cybersecurity Jesus Garcia
Defense Industry Eq. Carlos Perezminguez
E-Commerce Jesus Garcia
Education Services & EdTech Jesus Garcia
Electrical Power Systems Carmen Adrada
Energy Services/Equipment Carmen Adrada
Environmental Services and Equipment Carmen Adrada
Films/Videos/Recording Carmen Ribera
Food Processing Equipment Angela Turrin
Franchising Angela Turrin
Hotel/Restaurant Equipment Angela Turrin
Industrial Chemicals Carmen Ribera
Marine Technology (including Pleasure Boats, Shipbuilding, Port Infrastructure, Ocean Tech) Angela Turrin
Medical/Pharmaceutical Products/Services Helen Crowley
Plastic Materials /Resins Carmen Ribera
Pollution Control Services/Equip. Carmen Adrada
Renewable Energy Carmen Adrada
Safety/Security Angela Turrin
Services (Financial, Insurance, Investment, Leasing, Legal, Management, Employment) Carmen Ribera
Smart Grids / Smart Cities – Energy Carmen Adrada
Telecommunications Eq. Jesus Garcia
Tourism/Travel (services) Karen DuBois
Transportation Serv. (other than Aviation) Carlos Perezminguez
Water resources Equip./Services Carmen Adrada


Don’t see your Sector? Please contact Office.Madrid@trade.gov.

Other Initiatives

Initiative Contact
Advanced Manufacturing Carmen Ribera
SelectUSA (Investment) Helen Crowley
Smart Cities Jesus Garcia