Rural Projects
U.S. Commercial Service (CS) staff from around the USA connect rural exporters to global opportunities via innovative projects. Our projects can include any industry and any country where U.S. companies are doing business!

Rural Projects

Rural Projects We’ve Worked On

Projects are initiated by our U.S. based Trade Specialists based in CS offices throughout the country. The basic criteria of projects are that the project must benefit at least 5 rural exporters, must involve CS personnel and must be a wise investment of U.S. taxpayer funds.

Rural Projects Map
From FY15 through FY 17, the following projects were completed or approved (locations are depicted in the map above and red states had project involvement):
1. Catalog Printing and Booth Support for 12 US Companies Participating in USA Pavilion at Agritechnica (Hanover, Germany) – August 2017
2. Rural Team hosts “Ruralshoring booth” and a “Make It In Rural America” panel at the Select USA Summit in Washington, DC – June 18-20, 2017
3. India Mining Specialist Meets One-on-One with Rural WV Companies – May 3-12, 2017
4. Sub-Saharan Africa Ag Machinery Outreach to South Africa, Uganda and Zambia – May 12-30, 2017
5. Romania Commercial Officer Visits WV, NC and VA – May 3-12, 2017
6. Trade Specialist Participating in Maine Seafood Booth at World Seafood Expo in Brussels – April 21-29, 2017
7. China Specialist Brings 3 Chinese Tour Operators to Destination New England Summit and Offered a “China Ready” presentation during the summit to prepare rurally-based travel destinations to attract and host Chinese tourists – April 24-26, 2017
8. Navajo Nation Hosts Trade Specialist from the U.S. Commercial Service eCommerce Innovation Lab at the Rural Export Forum in Farmington, NM – March 30, 2017
9. Bulgaria Commercial Specialist traveled to West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Pennsylvania to meet one-on-one with rural companies, Feb. 27-March 7, 2017
10. Study Maine Education Mission to Russia and Ukraine – January 21-February 4, 2017
11. CS Hawaii Office Director Visits and counsels new CS Alaska Office Director on Rural Export Development, including participation at the Adventure World Summit in Anchorage in September 2016
12. Maine Toronto Trade Mission, August 22-26 2016
13. Fresno, CA - Mexico Ag Meetings, August 15-16 2016
14. Turkey Rural Outreach in Kansas and Missouri, June 18-25 2016
15. Chile Specialist visits WV, NC, and SC ahead of Discover Global Markets Ft. Lauderdale event, June 4-11 2016
16. CS Atlanta Trade Specialist Visits Mozambique and Zambia following Nampo Ag Show in South Africa, May 16-June 5 2016
17. Maine Seafood Booth at trade show in Brussels, April 22-May 1 2016
18. Maine Education Trade Mission to Vietnam, Thailand and Burma, January 16-27 2016
19. CS Nebraska and CS Minneapolis Trade Specialists Support USA Pavilion at Agritechnica, November 8-14 2015
20. Singapore Specialist Visits Rural Businesses in Hawaii, November 2-3 2015
21. Maine Food Export Mission to Shanghai and China Fisheries Show, November 1-7 2015
22. Rural Export 101-Memphis, TN, September 30 2015
23. CS Los Angeles Trade Specialist Conducts Alaska Rural Client Outreach While CS Alaska Office is Pending Hire of Full Time Director, September 27 – October 9 2015
24. CS Romania Specialist Attends Big Iron Farm Show in Fargo, ND, September 14-17 2015
25. Australia Winery, Brewery, Distillery Outreach to Portland and Spokane, August 4-6, 2015
26. Indiana NAFTA compliance seminars, September 24, 2015
27. Mexico Agribusiness Outreach in California’s Central Valley, August 2015
28. Outdoor Gear Post-Show Outreach by CS Thailand Specialist in WV, TN and NC
29. Mexico Commercial Officer Meets with Firms in Rural Kentucky, October 6-13, 2015
30. Mining Coal Prep Post-Show Rural Outreach by CS South Africa Specialist in KY, WV and PA, April 22-May 1, 2015
31. Rural Maine Education Outreach by Specialists and Recruiting Agents from Thailand, Mexico and India, May 28-June 1, 2015