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Our network of trade professionals represents unparalleled global reach. Our international experts provide market intelligence and business connections.

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U.S. Commercial Service Romania

If your company needs export assistance, contact your local U.S. Commercial Service in the United States. Our trade professionals are in more than 100 locations nationwide and can help coordinate with our overseas offices.

European regional offices at Commerce Department headquarters in Washington, DC, support U.S. trade policy objectives in European and Eurasian markets and assist U.S. companies in resolving market access barriers and other concerns.

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Embassy of the United States of America 
U.S. Commercial Service
4-6 Dr. Liviu Librescu Blvd., S. 1
015118 Bucharest, Romania

Laura Gimenez
Senior Commercial Officer

Eli Corso-Phinney
Commercial Officer

Monica Bogodai
Commercial Specialist
Phone: +4 021 200 3372

Industries: Healthcare (Medical & Dental Equipment, Drugs/Pharmaceuticals); Medical/Dental Equipment, Construction Equipment, Building Products; Travel and Tourism; Hotel/Restaurants; Media & Entertainment; Cosmetics/Toiletries; Franchising; Furniture; Lawn/Garden

Alina Capat 
Commercial Assistant
Phone: +4 021 200 3397

Providing assistance in key industries: Safety and Security, Defense, ICT,  Education/Training Services, Agricultural Equipment

Mihaela Dodoiu
Commercial Specialist
Phone: +4 021 200 3379

Industries: Coal, Electrical Power Systems, Mining Industry Eq., Oil/Gas Field Machinery, Oil/Gas/Mineral Prod/Explor Serv., Pollution Control Eq., Port/Shipbuilding Eq., Renewable Energy Eq., Used/Reconditioned Eq., Automobile/Light Truck/Vans, Automotive Parts/Services Eq., Water Resources Eq./Services

Monica Eremia
Commercial Specialist
Phone: +4 021 200 3358

Industries: Aircraft/Aircraft Parts, Airport/Ground Support Eq., Aviation Services, Commercial Vessel/Eq. (Non-Fisheries), Computer Services, Computer Software, Computers/Peripherals, Defense Industry Eq., Electronic Commerce, Electronic Components, Electronics Industry Prod/Test Eq., Security/Safety Eq., Telecommunications Eq., Telecommunications Services

Gabriel Popescu 
Commercial Specialist
Phone: +4 021 200 3312
Email: Gabriel.Popescu@trade.go

Industries: Accounting Services, Agricultural Machinery & Eq., Chemical Production Machinery, Financial Services, General Industrial Eq./Supplies, Industrial Chemicals, Insurance Services, Investment Services, Iron/Steel, Leasing Services, Machine Tools/Metalworking Eq., Materials Handling Machinery, Non-Ferrous Metals, Paper/Paperboard, Photographic Eq., Process Controls - Industrial, Pulp/Paper Machinery, Tools - Hand/Power, Used/Reconditioned Eq. , Books/Periodicals, Education/Training Services, Food Processing/Packaging Eq., Packaging Eq.