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Croatia plans to increase the national broadband coverage with Very High-Capacity Networks (VHCN). The project will be administered by Odašiljači i Veze d.o.o. (, the state-owned terrestrial television and WiMAX operator. This could be of interest to potential U.S suppliers of passive 5G infrastructure, such as standalone antenna poles, as well as fiber or microwave transmission equipment to connect mobile electronic base stations, etc.  The estimated value of the equipment is $20 million.  The tender is expected in early 2023.

The currently low digital connectivity hinders the development of Croatia’s digital economy and contributes to the digital divide between urban and rural areas. The objective of the project supported by the EU funds is to ensure the availability of VHCN in rural and sparsely populated areas where there is no commercial interest in the construction of 5G networks. For additional information and assistance, please e-mail the U.S. Commercial Service office in Croatia at: