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Croatia Geothermal Energy

Pre-tender consultations with potential suppliers of geothermal drill rigs are expected. The project, valued at over $30 million, is supported by EU funds.

Croatia is upgrading its geothermal exploitation and is conducting seismic calibrations for geothermal energy drilling. The project valued at over $30 million is supported by EU funds. The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency ( has been in charge of the project execution and will be looking for a turn-key supplier of two geothermal drill rigs.  The call for pre-tender consultations with potential suppliers should be published in the nearest future.  

The preliminary research has indicated that Croatia’s Pannonian basin in the north-western part of the country has 60% higher geothermal gradient (the rate of temperature change with respect to increasing depth in Earth ‘s interior) from the EU average.  Exploring this potential could lead to hundreds of megawatts of clean energy, boosting Croatia’s energy independence.  For additional information and assistance, please e-mail the U.S. Commercial Service office in Croatia at: