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Croatia Infrastructure Two Highway Projects Worth 860 Million Euros

Starting in October 2023, Croatian Highways (Hrvatske Autoceste - HAC) will call for tenders for contractors to complete two capital highway routes: Križišće-Selce-Zuta Lokva, Rudine - Doli-Dubrovnik, and for the viaduct over the Shunting Station in Zagreb. The value of these deals is estimated at around 860 million euros. The contracts should be signed in the year 2024.

  • Križišće-Selce-Zuta Lokya highway: By the end of 2023, tenders for construction will be announced for sections Križišće - Jadranovo and Jadranovo - Senj, with remaining sections up to Žuta Lokva to be announced within the next two years. The plan is for this highway to be finished in 2030.
  • Rudine-Doli-Dubrovnik highway: Tenders will be announced for each of three sections, Rudina - Slano, Slano - PUO Mravinjac and PUO Mravinjac - Osojnik. The Rudine - Osojnik portion at 28 kilometers in length is the most expensive highway to be built in Croatia. According to current estimates, one kilometer of this highway would cost around 27 million euros. The extremely high cost of construction is conditioned by the difficulty of the terrain through which the highway route will pass. As many as 21 kilometers of this section are in buildings and tunnels.

In addition, a total amount of EUR 1,3 billion is expected to be invested in the period from 2024 to 2032 on the construction of the A7 highway Križišće-Novi Vinodolski-Žuta Lokva and the A1 highway, section Metković-Pelješac bridge-Čvor Doli-Dubrovnik.

The projects hold potential for U.S. companies with expertise in engineering and design, consulting, road construction equipment, and other related sub-sectors. For additional information and assistance, please e-mail the U.S. Commercial Service office in Croatia at: