Turkey - Country Commercial Guide
Customs Regulations

Includes customs regulations and contact information for this country's customs office.

Last published date: 2020-10-07

Turkey’s customs regulations are governed by the Ministry of Trade (https://www.trade.gov.tr/). Customs legislation pertains to 8 customs regimes in effect and the related regulations. These are

- Entry to free circulation

- Transit regime

- Customs and warehouse regime

- Inward processing regime

- Processing under customs control

- Temporary admission

- Outward processing

- Export regime

Each of the above listed regimes has a separate set of rules and related procedures.

Turkey is a party to the Customs Union with the EU and has the obligation to approximate its laws to the EU acquis in competition, intellectual property and common trade policy areas as well as free movement of goods area. The Turkey-EU Customs Union covers only industrial products and processed agricultural products. Certain association council decisions are applied to agricultural products and for coal and steel products a preferential agreement is applied The Customs Union agreement not only covers abolition of customs duties and all other measures having equivalent effect and adoption of Common Customs Tariff of the Community, but also stipulates the abolition of all distortive mechanisms that result in an unfair advantage over the other.