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Market Research on Germany
Get comprehensive and up-to-date information about the German market and the export potential for your products and services!

Germany Market Research

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Germany Market Research

Country Commercial Guide
The Country Commercial Guide presents a comprehensive look at Germany's commercial environment, using economic, poltical, and market analysis.
Industry Reports
Get a market research report on a selected industry sector. Gain insight on market potential, demand, competition, best sales practices, regulations and standards, and more.
Customized Market Research
Our timely research provides timely customized answers to your inquiries about the German market, and its receptivity to your products and services.
Profile of Germany
Learn more interesting and important facts about Germany.
Business Travel in Germany
Find everything you need to know about business travel to and in Germany.
German Holidays Image
German Holidays
Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Germany in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Featured Market Intelligence Articles

Market Intelligence
Germany Plastics Market

The German plastics market is the largest in Europe. U.S. manufacturers offering innovative plastics materials and auxiliaries have best prospects. 

Equipment and Machinery Germany Market Access
Market Intelligence
Germany Additive Manufacturing

Germany is the largest additive manufacturing (AM) market in the EU and it offers substantial business opportunities to U.S. companies.

Machinery and Tools Germany
Market Intelligence
Germany Travel and Tourism

Overview of the Market for Travel and Tourism to the United States from Germany in 2020. 

Travel and Tourism Germany