Zambia - Country Commercial Guide
Customs Regulations
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It is against both Zambian and U.S. law to buy, possess, or transport animals or animal products such as warthog tusks, tortoise shell, rhino horn, elephant ivory, or any items made out of these materials.  In Zambia, penalties range from significant fines to a mandatory minimum five-year prison sentence.  The Department of National Parks and Wildlife screens at international ports of entry and departure and will prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.  Local sellers often try to sell prohibited items to foreign tourists.  However, it is the buyer/traveler’s responsibility to ensure he/she does not purchase prohibited items.  The Zambia Revenue Authority can be reached at:

Zambia Revenue Authority

Revenue House, Kalambo Road

P.O. Box 35710

Lusaka, Zambia

Tel: +260 211 223 760

Fax: +260 211 221 923