Uruguay - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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The recommended strategy to enter the local market is for interested parties to visit Uruguay, interview potential partners, and name a representative/agent.  Business relationships and financing terms are important for success in Uruguay.  Typically, in-person meetings are preferred, however in circumstances where in-person meetings are not possible alternatives exist such as hosting meetings using video conferencing technologies.

Most companies that export to Uruguay find that a local distributor or representative is necessary to penetrate the market, although it is not legally required.  Distributors provide strategic support for positioning brands in the market through promotion, advertising, and post-sale service.  All import product sales channels are available: agents, distributors, importers, trading companies, subsidiaries, and branches of foreign firms. Sales outlets and supermarkets are traditional storefront retail locations.  U.S. suppliers should carefully evaluate potential in-country agents or distributors and if interested in learning about the U.S. Commercial Service‚Äôs service to vet in-country representatives, please contact Office.Montevideo@trade.gov.

Uruguay is a tech-savvy market.  Internet penetration is high and social media and e-commerce platforms for business product and services marketing are extensive. 

U.S. exporters are encouraged to take advantage of the export promotion support offered by the U.S. Commercial Service office at the U.S. Embassy in Montevideo.  For more information on services available to U.S. exporters, please visit: https://www.trade.gov/uruguay or contact:  Office.Montevideo@trade.gov.