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Trade Promotion and Advertising

A prevalence of U.S. brands and media results in the widespread use of American advertising techniques, but companies are advised to work closely with local partners to factor in local differences.  The Advertisements Regulation Act governs advertising in TT.  The industry is also regulated by the Advertising Agencies Association of TT and the Advertising Standards Authority.  Advertising of professional services, such as those of doctors and lawyers, is generally not allowed.  The Tobacco Control Act prohibits tobacco advertising and sponsorship.

The Single Company Promotion (SCP), a U.S. Commercial Service program, is designed to help promote a U.S. company or local partner’s existing presence in an overseas market.  The SCP provides an opportunity to promote products or services and facilitate networking opportunities.  It can be customized and can take the form of events, such as business roundtables, seminars, or receptions.  For single company promotion services, please contact your nearest U.S. Export Assistance Center.

The premiere trade show is the TT Manufacturers’ Association’s Trade and Investment Convention at  There are other, annual sector-specific events.  Radio, print (mostly newspapers), television outlets, and outdoor signage are widely used for advertising.  Widespread viewing of U.S.-origin entertainment via cable television raises demand for U.S. products.  Given TT’s size, word of mouth also serves as an important advertising medium.  Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, have become networks of choice for advertisers.  LinkedIn, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Twitter are also increasingly popular.


TT Guardian (Guardian Media Limited)

22 - 24 St. Vincent St., Port of Spain; P.O. Box 122

Tel: (868) 623-8870/9; Fax: (868) 625-7211 (news), 623-2050 (advertising)


Trinidad Express (Caribbean Communications Network)

35 & 37 Independence Square, Port of Spain

Tel: (868) 623-1711/8; Fax: (868) 627-1451


Daily News Limited

17-19 Pembroke Street, Port of Spain

Tel: (868) 623-4929-31; Fax: (868) 625-8362



Television Stations:


35 Independence Square, Port of Spain

Tel: (868) 627-8806; Fax: (868) 623-0785





11a Maraval Road, Port of Spain

Tel: (868) 622-4141



Cable News Channel 3 (CNC3)

Level 4, Guardian Building

22-24 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain

Tel: (868) 627-5996 Ext. 5920; Fax: 8(68) 627-1109



DirecTV Trinidad Limited

31 Mulchan Seuchan Road, Chaguanas

Tel: (868) 223-4688



Amplia Communications

81A El Socorro Extension Road, San Juan

Tel: (868) 609-2667



Columbus Communications (Flow)

Duke Street, Port of Spain

Tel: (868) 223-3569



Businesses are generally free to price their products as they wish.  Importer mark-ups range 20-40 percent, while retailers tend to mark-up products 20-50 percent and higher for specialty items.  A 12.5 percent VAT is added to most products.

Sales Service/Customer Support

There are no regulations governing sales, service, or customer support, but many companies offer support to differentiate themselves in the market.  Legislation governing consumer rights and protection can be found at the following: Consumer Protection and Safety Act (PDF)

Local Professional Services

Provide references to local service providers (confirm that links are still valid) and other professional associations.

Principal Business Associations

American Chamber of Commerce TT ( is the leading international business association and accepts U.S. company members and regularly advocates for greater ease of doing business.

TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce ( has a broad membership but is more focused on local companies.  Membership is open to international businesses that have operations in TT.

Energy Chamber of TT ( brings together upstream, downstream, and government interests and drives the discussion on energy sector issues.  Membership is open to international businesses that have operations in TT.

The Manufacturers’ Association focuses on the domestic manufacturing sector.

The Trinidad Hotel, Restaurants, and Tourism Association brings together businesses operating in the hospitality industry.  Membership is open to international businesses that have operations in TT.

Each organization represents its members at the highest levels of government and advocates on policy issues concerning them.


American Chamber of Commerce TT

62 Maraval Road

Newtown, Port of Spain

Tel: 622-4466



Energy Chamber of TT

Suite B2.03 Atlantic Plaza

Atlantic Avenue, Point Lisas

Tel: 868 636-3749



TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Columbus Circle, Westmoorings

Tel: 868 637-6966



TT Manufacturers Association

42 Tenth Street, Barataria

Tel: 868 675-8862


Limitations on Selling U.S. Products and Services

There are no limitations on selling U.S. products and services.  On the contrary, TT is a welcoming market for U.S. products as they are generally considered high quality.