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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

This is a best prospect industry sector for this country.

Last published date: 2022-08-18


ICT accounts for 3.7 percent of GDP, primarily in software development, web design, data processing, ICT training, and software solutions.  With 142 mobile phone subscriptions per 100 people, TT has one of the highest penetrations of mobile phone coverage in the world, higher than the global average.  At the start of 2022, 77.3 percent of the total population had internet subscriptions.

TT is served by an IP-based core network and there are two mobile service providers, five broadband internet service providers, and three providers of switched voice-based services.  Professional and skilled labor can be secured locally, as there are over 400 ICT graduates each year from local universities.

TT seeks to modernize how its government interfaces with citizens for various reasons including meeting its sustainable development goals of improving economic growth by harnessing the transformational impact that technology can have on every aspect of the economy, especially trade.  As a result, e-governance is an area for collaboration between businesses and the GoTT, which has implemented some e-governance solutions such as the comprehensive “TTConnect” and “TTBizLink” portals to make government services more transparent and easily accessible.

Opportunities exist for companies that can create and successfully market electronic services that facilitate transactions on-line.  With the social distancing requirements of COVID-19 mitigation efforts during 2020-2022, mobile and on-line transactions became popular.

Leading Sub-Sectors 

Telecommunications equipment
Telecommunications services: e-governance, e-marketing
Financial technology: e-payments

E-governance and eCommerce potential remains under-fulfilled, and these areas present an opportunity for well-crafted and well-implemented solutions.  Consulting firms experienced in the development of IT sectors may find their expertise sought after by the public sector as well as by the private sector in TT.  Opportunities exist for the provision of higher-level activities such as the writing and modification of software, design and integration of systems, and industry specific software solutions.


Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT)

Ministry of Digital Transformation