Sudan - Country Commercial Guide
Prohibited and Restricted Imports
Last published date:

Medicines, supplies, medical equipment, cosmetics, medicines, veterinary preparations and vaccines absent a certificate from the National Council for Pharmacy and Toxicology

  • Recorded tapes require permission from the National Council for Literary and Artistic Works
  • Satellite receivers require a permit from the National Communications Commission
  • Color photocopiers and fax machines require a permit from Public Security
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives and fireworks  require a permit from the Ministry of Interior
  • Radioactive materials require a permit from the Atomic Energy Authority
  • Antiquities require permission from  the National Antiquities Authority
  • Large electric generators require a permit from the Ministry of Energy
  • Foodstuffs health need approval from the Ministry of Health, Department of Environment and Food Protection, and  the Standards Authority
  • Live Animals require a health certificate from the Ministry of Animal Welfare.  Vehicles for personal use must be no more than three years old

Imported goods subject to customs tariff categories and the following requirements:

  • Banking certificate from any commercial bank (I.M)
  • Certificate from the General Authority for Standardization and Metrology
  • Invoices
  • Bills of Lading
  • Delivery authorization from the carrier
  • Certificate of origin
  • Certification from the designated and competent authority if the commodity is one of the restricted commodities
  • Packing detection
  • Insurance documents

Goods prohibited from importation:

  • potassium bromide
  • alcohol
  • gambling games
  • drugs other than those permitted for medical research
  • unlicensed weapons, ammunition, and explosives
  • counterfeit coins and papers used for counterfeiting
  • used clothes
  • creams and cosmetics not registered with the Ministry of Health
  • used tires
  • tapes containing obscene images or publications contrary to public morals