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Consumer Products
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Sudan’s 2020 GDP was $26.111 billion for an estimated population of 45 million.  American consumer products from toothpaste, soaps, over-the-counter medicines, soft drinks, and toiletries can be found in Sudanese grocery stores and markets.  Sudan imported $411 million worth of automobiles in 2020, with Toyota, Hyundai, and Nissan vehicles ubiquitous across Sudan.  Even before the lifting of U.S. economic sanctions in 2017, Sudanese sought U.S.-made consumer products and have expressed an eagerness to purchase more.

Several of the larger private sector consortiums have partnered with U.S.-based producers of consumer products to establish domestic manufacturing and distribution operations for U.S.-branded products, while others have secured exclusive distribution rights.  Sudan’s consumer markets are small, but with growth potential.