Paraguay - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Barriers
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Paraguay is largely open to imports, but some products face restrictions, such as firearms.  Paraguay ostensibly prohibits the import of used clothing and cars over ten years old, but loopholes in the law allow for a large number of exceptions to auto import restrictions.   In addition, the government sometimes places seasonal restrictions on some vegetables (e.g., tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions) to protect local producers. 

Paraguay requires non-automatic import licenses on personal hygiene products, cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries, textiles and clothing, insecticides, agrochemicals, poultry, barbed wire, wire rods, and steel and iron bars.  Obtaining a license requires review by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.  Imports of personal hygiene products, cosmetics, and perfumes and toiletries also require a health certification and therefore must undergo a review by the Ministry of Health.  The import license process usually takes ten days, but goods that require a health certification can take up to 30 days.  Once issued, the health certifications are valid for 30 days.