Paraguay - Country Commercial Guide
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Paraguay’s level of Internet use continues to increase quickly and has accelerated further due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Local credit card operators and e-commerce operators are common in cities, particularly Asuncion.  Overseas Paraguayans use sites such as supermarkets and electronic e-retailers as means to transfer resources to their relatives, sending goods or “credit coupons” instead of money.  Consumer use of delivery phone apps has also grown significantly during the pandemic.  Micro payments using e-wallets offered by cell phone carriers are increasingly common, especially among lower income Paraguayans who remain outside the formal banking sector.

In addition to commercial operations, a company can use the Internet in Paraguay with good results for other business purposes, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), on-line help desks, promotions, and advertising.

Banks with fully transactional websites

  • Banco Atlas
  • Banco Continental
  • Banco Familiar
  • Banco Interfisa S.A.E.C.A.
  • Banco Itapua
  • Banco Itau
  • Bancop S.A.
  • BBVA
  • Vision Banco
  • Banco Sudameris

Electronic Payment Providers:

  • Tigo Money Paraguay
  • Billetera Personal
  • Giros Claro
  • Western Union Paraguay
  • Banco Familiar Giros y Remesas
  • World Remit
  • Vision Giros
  • MoneyGram