Paraguay - Country Commercial Guide
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Construction equipment and materials are projected to keep rising as the government expands investment in public infrastructure projects.  As the economy returns to growth, private sector demand for higher-quality construction materials, currently not locally available, will increase.

Leading Sub-Sector

Construction materials are in high demand, notably quality flooring, plumbing fixtures and bath accessories, home automation and smart home control systems, metal roof systems (with and without insulation), and high-voltage lines.


Planned large infrastructure projects will require imported heavy machinery.  Paraguay is among the few countries in Latin America that allows the importation of used machinery.  These projects may also create additional opportunities for engineering, project management consulting, and financial services.

The rapid demand for the construction of warehouses for industrial and agriculture purposes has surpassed the capacity of local metal works companies that build roofs, forcing them to place clients on waiting lists and delaying construction for months.
Domestic production cannot meet current demand for cement and concrete manufacturing.  Although Paraguay has abundant raw materials required for production,
The U.S. Department of State built the Business Information Database System (BIDS) to help U.S. businesses learn about significant international commercial opportunities.  The BIDS website features an interactive map that displays descriptions and locations of projects that represent potential contract or tender opportunities for U.S. businesses.  The site also connects U.S. businesses to detailed information about each project as well as information to contact U.S. embassies overseas. The Paraguayan government is working to improve the country’s infrastructure and welcomes unsolicited Public Private Partnership proposals for strategic projects.


National Directorate for Public Contracts
Paraguayan Ministry of Public Works
Paraguayan Real-Estate Chamber CAPADEI
Paraguayan Chamber of Constructors