Panama - Country Commercial Guide
Temporary Entry
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The Panamanian Fiscal Code establishes a temporary entry regime of 90 days for all types of merchandise. This temporary entry may be extended for up to one year. There are two options for temporary entry. First, the goods can enter the country if the importer makes a deposit equivalent to the import duty. This payment is reimbursed at the time the goods leave the country. Second, an insurance company can issue a bond for the importer covering the import duty value, payable if the goods fail to exit the country as scheduled.

Special temporary provisions apply in the case of trade shows and exhibitions taking place at Panama’s exhibition and convention center, Atlapa. Goods can enter the Atlapa Convention Center with no warranty payment or bond required.

Samples with commercial value are subject to temporary entry requirements. Samples with no commercial value are admitted duty free. If samples arrive in large containers, they are dutiable even though they may be marked as free samples. If the goods are eligible for duty-free treatment under the TPA between the United States and Panama, the above procedure does not apply.