Netherlands - Country Commercial Guide
Selling to the Public Sector
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Local representation is a de facto requirement to sell to the Dutch government. Tenders are announced on the Dutch government’s online tendering platform, TenderNed, as well as Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), the European public procurement journal. Tenders for thousands of diverse products and services are advertised each year.

For detailed information on EU rules and regulations for public procurement, please refer to the European Union Country Commercial Guide

U.S. companies bidding on Government tenders may also qualify for U.S. Government advocacy. A unit of the U.S. Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration, the Advocacy Center coordinates U.S. Government interagency advocacy efforts on behalf of U.S. exporters bidding on public sector contracts with international governments and government agencies. The Advocacy Center works closely with our network of the U.S. Commercial Service worldwide and inter-agency partners to ensure that exporters of U.S. products and services have the best possible chance of winning government contracts. Advocacy assistance can take many forms but often involves the U.S. Embassy or other U.S. Government agencies expressing support for the U.S. bidders directly to the foreign government. Consult Advocacy for Foreign Government Contracts for additional information.            

Financing of Projects

Most projects are financed by public and private sector lenders at commercial rates. As a member of the European Union, the Netherlands has access to EU-funded programs, which provide a wide range of support in the form of grants, loans and co-financing for training, feasibility studies, and infrastructure projects in the environmental, transportation, energy, and other key sectors. EU initiatives are designed to support projects within the Member States and the EU wide “economic integration” projects that cross borders.