Mauritania - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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Potential foreign investors should first visit Mauritania to discuss their business plan with the governmental institution that oversees the relevant sector as well as with APIM.  These in-person meetings will allow investors to discuss the administrative procedures required to become legally established in the country, as well as the incentives that the investor may receive when they start operations.  Note that requirements vary by sector. 

The best strategy to enter the market is to establish a relationship with either a local partner or another foreign investor with experience working in Mauritania.  It is helpful to have someone who knows the market to help make the necessary contacts and to better understand the culture and business environment.  It is also important to consider language capabilities of a local partner – although Arabic is the country’s official language, French will be necessary to communicate with the international community.   Someone who knows Mauritania well can also help guide new investors through the procedures required to do business in Mauritania.

Before choosing a local partner, it is recommended that foreign investors take the time to familiarize themselves with the local partner’s experience in the relevant economic sector and their reputation in the country.   The U.S.-Mauritania Business Council, an organization that promotes trade and investment between the United States. and Mauritania, is a good source of information for any U.S. investor or company looking to open an office in Mauritania in this regard. 

Agents and distributors are commonly used and frequently express interest in representing foreign companies in all sectors.  Agents and distributors are also usually involved in multiple sectors simultaneously, which could pose conflicts of interest.