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Customs Regulations
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All imported goods, except those exempted by law, are subject to import duties.  Import duties are generally calculated according to the goods’ original invoice price (Cost – Insurance – Freight (CIF) value).  When the buyer does not present the original invoice, the Customs Service evaluates the local market value of the product and applies the appropriate rate.  Imported goods must be declared at Customs after arriving, and the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) inspects the nature, price, composition, and quantity, and compares them with those reported in the original invoice.

Mauritania’s membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the EU/Africa Caribbean Pacific (EU/ACP) Lomé Pact underpins its trade liberalization policies.  However, customs procedures are extremely complicated and discouraging for importers who are not familiar with the Mauritanian system. The government is taking measures to alleviate these procedures to facilitate the clearance of products through customs, including digitization and the reduction – to some extent – of administrative complexities and time required to process requests.  Persons over the age of 18 travelling to Mauritania may import the following goods duty-free: 200 cigarettes/25 cigars/450 g of tobacco, 50 ml of perfume and 250 ml eau de toilette.  Alcohol is prohibited, and firearms require an import and gun license prior to arrival.

Customs contact information:

Customs Office

B.P. 198

Nouakchott, Mauritanie

Tel: (222) 525-1404 or 525-6302

Fax: (222) 525-5615 or 525-6304


Colonel Dah Ould Hamady Ould Mamy, General Manager