Iraq - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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If you are a new-to-exporting company, first contact your local Export Assistance Center (USEAC) for free export counseling at:

The Department of Commerce can give you a balanced assessment of your company’s chances for success in Iraq. For more information, please visit

Consult an attorney:  Many U.S. companies advise that acquiring good domestic legal representation is an important first step to entering the market.  This helps you to establish and maintain good business relationships with Iraqi partners. Hiring a lawyer is especially important before concluding commercial agreements.  The U.S. Embassy can provide you with a list of lawyers currently operating in Iraq.

Confirm the background and experience of partners:  U.S. Embassy Baghdad’s Economic Section partners with the Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) in Jordan to provide some FCS commercial services to U.S. businesses in Iraq.  The Embassy and the U.S. Consulate General in Erbil offer several services to help you vet prospective Iraqi business partners and determine which Iraqi companies would be best to work with.  These services include International Company  Profiles and International Partner Searches.  The availability of Gold Key Service is subject to local security and COVID-19 pandemic conditions.  Please check with your local USEAC or the Embassy for the latest information.

While it is not a requirement of Iraqi law that an overseas entity appoint a commercial agent for the import of goods in Iraq, new-to-market U.S. companies may consider partnering with a local company.

The rules for investment and trade within the IKR, defined in the 2006 Law on Investment in the Kurdistan Region – Iraq, are more liberal and easier to navigate than elsewhere in Iraq.