Iraq - Country Commercial Guide
Defense Sector
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The U.S. military commitment and relationship to Iraq remains strong, even as U.S. military forces shift from a combat role to one of advising and assisting the Iraqi military.  At the request of the Government of Iraq, the U.S. Department of Defense continues to provide assistance with the management of key Iraqi military programs in excess of $5 billion.

The Government of Iraq continues to modernize its military forces to combat internal security threats and deter regional aggressors.  Foreign Military Sales cases between Iraq and the United States include the purchase of equipment to strengthen internal defense by re-equipping the Army, Army Aviation, Air Force and Navy.  In addition, there is strong demand for English-language education, logistics, and maintenance services.


The Iraqi Army continues to embark on a campaign to re-equip and modernize in order to provide a credible defense capability.  Plans include an Integrated Air Defense System, expanded communications network, and developing intelligence support capabilities.  Expanded infrastructure and revitalized facilities will be needed to support the Army’s modernization efforts.  In addition, the GOI continues efforts to modernize its Air Force.  There is strong demand for training, logistics and maintenance services in this sector.