Iraq - Country Commercial Guide
Distribution & Sales Channels
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For companies new to the Iraqi market, you should find a local partner after thorough due diligence.  The U.S. Embassy can help provide matchmaking services for certain sectors.  The Iraqi market offers somewhat limited methods for companies to distribute products.  Iraq’s transportation infrastructure  is in need of repair and expansion.  The domestic trucking industry continues to advance farther into the provinces as demand for goods increases, and the government is working on rehabilitating roads after ISIS’s defeat.  

The rail industry is also making headway.  Several lines are providing regular freight service and the government plans to repair other lines.  Domestic air transportation is limited though expanding.  While there is keen interest in the provinces to develop local airports, the focus is more on passenger services than cargo.  Projects to improve both Baghdad International Airport and the Port of Umm Qasr in Basrah to international standards are ongoing. Many goods first come into the IKR, particularly through Erbil International Airport and the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing with Turkey in Duhok Province.