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This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. Includes a market overview and trade data.

Last published date: 2021-11-13

Prior to COVID-19, travel and tourism was traditionally a best prospect industry sector in Denmark. However, beginning in March 2020 the sector was severely impacted by COVID-19. Visitor arrivals from Denmark to the United States have not recovered by the time of writing (October 2021). Please read CBP’s COVID-19 updates. For the latest information on DHS’s travel response efforts, visit


The United States is the favorite long-haul destination for Danish travelers and an increasing number of Danes travel to the United States every year. They stay longer (17.5 nights) and spend more per trip (around DKK 2,300 or USD 345 per day) than the average international visitor and make up a highly-attractive segment for American suppliers. A Discover America Committee was formed in Denmark in 2016, clearing the way for better access to the Danish marketplace, just as closer Discover America Nordic cooperation ensures the opportunity for Nordic-wide marketing activities and business ventures. In 2018, more than 330,000 Danes traveled to the United States, equivalent to 5.8 percent of all Danish travelers. Individuals who travelled from the Nordic region (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and the Baltic states) to America surpassed 1.4 million in 2016, as well as in the two following years (due to the COVID-19 outbreak, numbers from 2020 have not been included as they do not reflect the general tendency of Danish travelers).

Market Demand

  • Despite being a mature market, the Nordic countries continue to show impressive growth rates and with five to six weeks of annual paid vacation, demand for travel continues to be high. The region is the fourth largest European market for inbound travel to the United States and it is expected that the number will increase. Tourism from Denmark to the United States has steadily increased since 2002, outside of the pandemic. Compared to other markets, the Nordic region has one of the highest per capita travel rates to the United States at 3.9 percent out of a population of 27 million.

Best Prospects

  • California, Florida, and New York City, locally called the “Big Three,” are still the most popular destinations when Danes visit the United States. Over a period of years, the United States has grown to become the most popular overseas (non-EU) destination for Danish tourists.  Many travelers are now repeat visitors. Whereas first- and second-time visitors tend to choose one of the “Big Three” destinations, return visitors are becoming increasingly adventurous and willing to explore new regions. Fly/drive packages are increasingly popular, and California’s State Highway 1 is the top route for many “road trippers.” Danes are becoming more eager to go in-country and explore “the real America.”
  • Fly/drive packages that combine airfare, hotel bookings, and car rental are among the most popular travel bookings through Danish tour operators. Road trips have become a very popular way for Danish travelers to experience the diversity of the United States. Consequently, operators are now offering more individualized packages, such as Harley Davidson packages and motor home vacations.
  • Shopping still tops the list of leisure activities when Danish travelers visit the United States and short city-breaks have grown more popular due to relatively inexpensive airfare. The most popular shopping destinations for Danish travelers are New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles.
  • U.S. Commercial Service Copenhagen can assist American suppliers or marketing entities with guidance to ensure a successful market entry into Denmark and the Nordic Region.


  • Discover America Denmark maintains a professional secretariat with a managing director to ensure high quality member service and to expand the activities of the organization.
  • The board consists of executives from the airline, airports, tour operators, travel agents, corporate, as well as the meetings, incentives, conferencing, and exhibitions (MICE) industries.
  • Discover America Denmark:
  • More information, please contact Patrycja Dahl, Commercial Specialist