Denmark - Country Commercial Guide
Selling Factors and Techniques
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The factors that determine where importers place their orders are almost entirely commercial, although cultural and historical or social ties with a long-standing trade partner may play a role. General competitive factors such as price, quality, promptness of delivery, and availability of service determine the success of a supplier in Denmark.  Patience and commitment count.  Danish firms do not typically change suppliers easily, and many commercial relationships have been maintained over decades.  Export companies seeking only a fast return have a reduced chance of success in Denmark.

Most New-to-Market companies launching a product in Denmark should expect fierce competition from domestic, third country, and often U.S. companies that are already well-established in the Danish market.  In many cases, local distributors or agents will either decline taking on the representation of a new product line, or alternatively, request a substantial financial contribution towards market entry costs.  Consequently, the best, or sometimes even the only way for a New-to-Market company to enter the Danish market can be through establishing its own sales office.