Denmark - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling/Marking Requirements
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The marking and labeling requirements for products sold in Denmark are numerous and vary from product to product.  The requirements may stem from either Danish or EU laws and regulations.  For the exporter to comply, the assistance of the Danish importer is essential. 

As a general rule, consumer products must be labeled in Danish or in a language that differs from Danish only slightly in spelling.  As a practical matter, this means Norwegian and, in some instances, Swedish.  Certain products must be marked clearly with the country of origin.  In some cases, the importer may do the marking following arrival of the goods in Denmark.  Weights and measures must be stated in the metric system. 

Labels and marking must accurately describe the contents of packages.  The responsibility for compliance with Denmark’s marking and labeling regulations falls on the importer.  Exporters, however, should carefully follow importers’ instructions.  Failure to do so can cause customs delays and extra expenses, which may harm future business.