Bosnia and Herzegovina - Country Commercial Guide
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The country has significant reserves of brown coal and lignite.  The official estimates on total reserves of coal in BiH are around 5 billion metric tons, out of which the exploitation reserves are estimated to be around 2 billion metric tons. Reserves of iron ore deposits are estimated at 653 million metric tons; zinc and lead at 56 million metric tons; and bauxite at 120 million metric tons.  There are two aluminum and aluminum oxide processing plants situated near bauxite mining operations.  Annual coal production is approximately 15 million metric tons, both via open pits and casts.

Leading Sub-Sectors

  • Heavy mining equipment, including bulldozers, tractors, excavators, surface mining conveyor systems, and heavy trucks.


The Federation Government consolidated seven coal mines under the new ownership of Elektroprivreda BiH.  The government hopes that this will pave the way for significant investments in the rehabilitation of those seven mines. Elektroprivreda BiH has committed to investing $497 million in the long term in rehabilitation of the mines, primarily through heavy mining equipment procurement and upgrade that should increase the coal mines’ efficiencies.  The procurement process has been slow due to lack of available funds and as of this report’s publication most of the planned equipment has not been purchased.  Recent foreign investment in mining has indicated there are significant quantities of silver, lithium borate, nickel, and other minerals.


Elektroprivreda BiH (EPBiH)

Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske (ERS)

Elektroprivreda Hrvatske Zajednice Herceg Bosna (EPHZHB)