Bangladesh - Country Commercial Guide
Trade Financing

It covers payment methods and information on, banking systems, foreign exchange controls, and U.S. and correspondent banking.

Last published date: 2021-09-17

Methods of Payment

Unless the importer is a reputable multinational company operating in Bangladesh or a reliable, long-standing Bangladeshi customer, the Embassy recommends all U.S. exporters require their local buyers to present irrevocable, confirmed letters of credit to secure payment, preferably from a U.S. bank, whether the importer is a private firm or part of the government and whether a multilateral institution or bilateral donor agency or government is financing the importer.  U.S. exporters should also be aware it is a normal business practice for government procurement agencies to require exporters to post performance bonds, which can be arranged with a bank operating in Bangladesh, including several international banks.

For more information about the methods of payment or other trade finance options, please read the Trade Finance Guide available at

Banking Systems

Additional information regarding banking systems is available in the “Financial Sector” sub-section of the IInvestment Climate Statement

Foreign Exchange Controls

Additional information regarding foreign exchange controls is available in the “Financial Sector” sub-section of the Investment Climate Statement.

U.S. Banks and Local Correspondent Banks

Scheduled banks have arrangements with U.S. correspondent banks for their U.S. dollar clearing requirements.