Bangladesh - Country Commercial Guide
Infrastructure Development and Engineering Services
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Infrastructure bottlenecks are among the largest inhibitors of economic growth in Bangladesh.  According to the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bangladesh will need to invest nearly $25 billion annually through 2030 to meet its infrastructure needs.

The substantial infrastructure needs offer opportunities for U.S. infrastructure development and engineering services.  Many donor-funded infrastructure projects require foreign consultant services.  While Asian firms are sometimes more cost-competitive in construction work, government and private firms have turned to U.S. consultants for specialized engineering and construction oversight for major infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, highways, land and seaports, oil refinery, and grain silo projects.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Sea and River Dredging; Transportation Infrastructure; Port Development.


  • Heavy equipment; Engineering and Consulting Services.
  • Resources
  • Roads Transportation and Highways Department
  • Bridges Division
  • Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry
  • Ministry of Shipping
  • Ministry of Water Resources
  • Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA)
  • Local Government Engineering Department