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Defense/Security Equipment and Services
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The Government of Bangladesh is actively seeking to upgrade its military and security capabilities and has allocated increasing amounts to its defense and security-related budget.  Terrorist attacks, including attacks on Bangladeshi security forces, have also increased the demand for security and defense services and equipment.

Bangladesh’s $72.13 billion national budget in fiscal year 2022-23 included a 5.9 percent ($4.29 billion) allocation for defense and 4.6 percent ($3.3 billion) allocation for public security.  These allocations grew steadily over the years, but growth has slowed after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to analysis from research consultancy Strategic Defense Intelligence (SDI), the Bangladeshi defense industry is largely underdeveloped with only limited domestic suppliers.  As a result, most of Bangladesh’s defense and security equipment and service needs are met through tenders of government contracts with foreign suppliers.

The Directorate General of Defense Procurement (DGDP) manages procurements for the Ministry of Defense and the various armed forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force.  The Ministry of Home Affairs’ procurement office manages the Ministry’s procurements, while the Public Procurement Act of 2009 governs them.  Tenders for security and defense equipment and services are frequently open only to international bidders.  Low pricing remains an issue for U.S. bidders, especially for items that can be procured regionally.


Personal protective equipment; Surveillance equipment; Communication equipment; Aircraft; Helicopters; Naval vessels; Security consulting services.