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Commercial Diplomacy: Dedicated Government-to-Government Trade Assistance
Resolving challenges to win and fulfill export sales by engaging foreign governments on behalf of U.S. businesses.

Commercial Diplomacy

Commercial Diplomacy

Commercial diplomacy assistance provides dedicated support to tackle both challenges and opportunities in foreign markets. Commercial diplomacy works to ensure open and effective engagement with foreign officials on behalf of U.S. companies, industries, or broader national economic security interests. Typical situations for commercial diplomacy assistance include:

  • Reducing, Removing, and Preventing Foreign Trade Barriers
  • Providing Advocacy Support for Foreign Procurement Opportunities
  • Facilitating Export Transactions
  • Reducing or Eliminating Threats to U.S. Businesses
  • Creating or Improving Business Opportunities and Environment

Our commercial diplomats and industry experts are located in more than 70 international markets and in Export Assistance Center in every state, working to bring a whole-of-government approach to providing assistance.

We communicate directly with foreign officials to address issues of concern. It’s an ideal vehicle for any size U.S. business working with foreign governments and state-owned enterprises. To illustrate, read about some real-life examples of how we can help to:

  • Open a New Market
  • Prevent a Market Access Issue from Arising
  • Unstick a Shipment Held up in Error
Office Contacts
For Commercial Diplomacy assistance requests, start with contacting a trade professional in one of over 100 domestic offices. We also have experts located in U.S. embassies and consulates in over 70 markets across the globe.
U.S. Government Advocacy
Need help leveling the playing field when competing for foreign government procurement opportunities? Government-to-government engagement can help showcase the competitive strengths, talents, and capabilities of U.S. companies in all industry sectors.
Ensuring Trade Agreements Compliance
Foreign trade barriers are foreign government policies, practices, or procedures that unfairly or unnecessarily restrict U.S. exports. ITA trade experts can help if you encounter those issues.