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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee
Supporting the U.S. renewable energy and energy efficiency manufacturers and services providers.

REEEAC Recommendations

Recommendations of the REEEAC Charter 6 (2020-2022)

Recommendation #1 - Acceleration of Supply Chain Review for Solar Manufacturing
The REEEAC recommends that the Secretary request of, and work with, the Secretary of Energy, to facilitate the acceleration of the 1-year Solar Manufacturing supply chain review. Approved by the committee July 29, 2021
Recommendation #2 - Carbon Border Adjustments
The REEEAC recommends that Commerce study the potential impacts on U.S. clean energy supply chains of proposed foreign and domestic carbon border adjustments and whether negative impacts can be mitigated through expanding existing certification programs. Approved by the committee October 14, 2021
Recommendation #3 - Global Renewable Ethanol Market Development and Access
The REEEAC recommends that Commerce supports interagency initiatives to expand U.S. ethanol exports by focusing on addressing key constraints. Approved by the committee on October 14, 2021
Recommendation #4 - Clean Tech Export Competitiveness Strategy
The REEEAC submitted 19 recommendations to the Department of Commerce in response to its request for input on a potential “U.S. Clean Technologies Export Competitiveness Strategy.” Approved by the committee November 2, 2021
Recommendation #5 - Virtual Power Plants
Building awareness within the International Trade Administration (ITA) about the necessity to help communities with a planning & investment process for Virtual Power Plants of integrated and linked distributed energy resources. Approved by the committee December 9, 2021
Recommendation # 6 - Project Equity
Identifying and implementing best practices for a “just transition” to clean energy to ensure “energy equity” in developing countries. Approved by the committee December 9, 2021