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U.S. logistics management companies may look into providing management services to Egypt’s ports.

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West Port Said is a well-established transshipment port on the key global sea route between Europe and South Asia. West Port Said Port occupies 2 square kilometers of shoreline at the northern entrance of the Gulf of Suez from the Mediterranean Sea. It recently underwent terminal expansion project and and upgraded its storage yard. U.S. logistics management companies and IT system providers may look into providing management services to the port.

Al Adabiya Port is located on the western shore of the Gulf of Suez, about 10 km south of Suez and is slated to process large volumes of dry bulks. Covering an area of 1.8 square kilometers. Adabiya Port’s nine berths with a total length of 1,840 meters, can handle dry and liquid bulk cargo vessels bearing up to 60,000 tons.

Al Tor Port is a strategic port in South Sinai, occupying three hectares on the eastern bank of the Gulf of Suez, south of Abu Zenima. Al Tor Port mostly exports minerals and dry bulk. This commercial port includes terminals for dry bulk cargo, general cargo, and for containers as well as docking for fishing boats and a marina. The port is expected to offer opportunities in minerals loading equipment and managing port logistics.

Al Arish Port is located on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean Sea with docks stretched over 40,000 meters. It is active as a cargo, fishing and tourist port. Al Arish Port plays a crucial role as an industrial and commercial port for North Sinai and Gaza. Opportunities exist to develop the handling of large vessels.

Further investment in the port is geared toward the creation of additional terminals to handle dry and liquid bulk, general cargo, and containers The port has potential demand for heavy shipment handling equipment and U.S. providers could have a role in further developing the port.