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Egypt Defense and Security

Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF) has embarked on an extensive equipment revitalization program.

Egypt has an established local defense and security industry that produces a range of products from small arms to armored vehicles and naval vessel. It has co-production agreements with several countries, including the United States and France.

Egypt receives $ 1.3 billion annually in military aid from the United States. These funds are for acquiring U.S.-made defense and security articles through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. First-time exporters need to register with the Egyptian Procurement Office (EPO) in Washington, DC. Interested companies should email the EPO (, introducing their company and products and expressing their interest in supplying the EAF. Other important organizations are:

  • The Egyptian Armaments Authority (EAA) acts as the EAF’s main point of contact (POC) for acquisition of military hardware.
  • The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) owns 23 factories and the Egyptian Aerospace research center and is a potential partner in joint ventures.
  • The National Service Projects Organization (NSPO), another potential partner, owns several companies and supplies the EAF and exports excess products.
  • The Armed Forces Engineering Authority (AEA) is in charge of several mega projects. It it’s a potential purchaser of engineering and heavy equipment.

Egypt does not publish military-related projects publicly. Sources for information include:

  • Reputable local defense and security contractors.
  • The Egyptian Defense Expo (EDEX), held in Cairo every two years.
  • CS Egypt also tracks developments in the sector and shares widely any market intelligence with U.S. companies.

Demand for the following equipment/products is high:

Aircraft: anti-Submarine helicopters, especially ones with horizon targeting capability. Aircraft sales projects usually include: Aircraft flight and mission simulators, radars, spare parts, training services for pilots, system operators and maintenance personnel, aviation ground support, survivability equipment, program management and technical support services, and aircraft customization.

For further information and/or assistance, please contact CS Egypt Defense and Security Commercial Specialist Basim Sedki E-Mail:; Phone number: 00201228722224