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Slovakia operated 164 cinemas including single-screen and multiplex cinemas. There is one state-owned TV station named RTVS broadcasting on three channels and three privately owned television stations broadcasting on ten channels. These private-owned TV stations include TV Markiza, JoJ and TA3.

The cable network TV market in Slovakia is significant. The cable network providers offer a wide range of TV channels including popular TV channels of surrounding countries. Slovaks speak Slovak language, but the Czech language spoken in neighboring Czechia is perfectly understood. There is a huge Hungarian minority on the south of Slovakia mostly enjoying Hungarian TV channels.

The number of cable network household subscribers in 2020 reached 3.6 million. Video on demand is rising in popularity and represents great opportunities for U.S. companies. In 2020 only 2 percent of Slovak population subscribed to VOD services. Netflix had the biggest share with approximately 50,000 accounts, followed by HBO GO with 30,000 subscribers. AppleTV and Amazon Prime Video have a minor presence. HBO GO was the very first entrant and enjoys the huge advantage of having Czech language subtitles, as well as Czech dubbing. Netflix offers subtitles, but only for a minimum number of movies compared to the total number of their streaming films and TV programs.

Factors influencing film selection for the Slovak viewer include relations with distributors and the budget. Slovak state-owned TV is in many cases limited by legal restrictions. When it comes to film purchasing, Commercial TV channels Markiza and JoJ cooperate with large U.S. studios, such as Warner Brothers, Sony Picture, Disney, Fox, NBC, Universal and MGM. U.S. studios prefer selling their production in program packages containing several film and series hits as well as certain volume of “B” and “C” film categories and obsolete production.

Slovaks enjoy watching action movies, comedies, romantic and family movies. A dynamic method of storytelling and clearly defined characters are the most important aspects. Slovak viewer loves crime and sitcoms. NCIS; Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory are top ranked programs provided by the top private TV stations. Viewers dislike when the storyline of each episode continues into another. They prefer crime TV series like CSI, Bones and Castle, where an individual case is resolved in each episode.

While the American viewer may pick a movie depending on the famous actor, Slovak viewers appreciates the fascinating and entertaining story more than which actors is starring in it. The Slovak viewer does not like drama with unresolved relationships dragging down the whole movie because they tend to remind her of real life.

Interactive reality TV shows are booming. People enjoy licensed content like Your Face Sounds Familiar. In order to reduce the costs and increase the number of viewers, Slovak and Czech TV stations with the same owner enjoy collaboration on licensed content. As a result, the viewers in both countries watched CzechoSlovakia’s Got Talent, The Voice and Pop Idol.  Private TV stations’ have deeper pockets compared to state-owned RTVS. Private Markiza and Joj have budgets for making sitcoms and series with unpretentious stories. The most popular have reached 500 episodes in three years. 

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