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Slovakia Defense Public Procurements

The Slovak Ministry of Defense advertises tender and contract opportunities for products and services valued over EUR 80,000, or for construction works valued over EUR 1,000,000 in the MOD procurement of goods, services and works online portal. Access to the MOD’s portal is free of charge. All public procurement is also announced in the Public Procurement Bulletin, that is available online on the website of the Public Procurement Office in the Journal section.

We recommend a search for potential MOD’s bid opportunities at the Public Procurement’s Electronic Contracts Finder portal where all Slovak Government Institutions and other public bodies have to advertise public procurement and contract opportunities valued at EUR 80,000 and above. The EU Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) also publishes all Slovak public procurements with up to seven days delay. Both accesses and registration to the Electronic Contracts Finder and the TED are also free of charge.

The MOD is subject to the Slovak Public Procurement Law  that sets rules for public procurements and specifies the following four procurement procedures for defense and security procurement: narrower competition, negotiated procedure with publication, competitive dialogue and direct negotiated procedure. In some cases, the competitive dialogue may be used in the case of a particularly complex defense and security contract and no restricted competition or negotiated procedure with publication may be used.

The MOD’s Office of Investments and Acquisitions prepares technical specifications for public procurements and also manages all MOD public procurements. You can contact the MOD Office for Investments and Acquisitions team at:

Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic - Office for Investments and Acquisitions
(Ministerstvo obrany Slovenskej republiky – Úrad pre investície a akvizície)
Kutuzovova 8
832 47, Bratislava 3
Slovak Republic
Phone: +421 960 317 558

U.S. Commercial Service Contact Information: For additional information on selling to the Slovak MOD, please contact, or call +421 2 5922 3222.