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Uruguay Telecommunications

Uruguay’s largest telecommunications company, state-owned, ANTEL, plans to invest in infrastructure, technology, modernization systems, expansion of connectivity, implementation of 5G, and the development of new digital services.  

ANTEL dominates the mobile market with a 49% market share of Uruguay’s 4.74 million mobile lines. Telefonica’s Movistar is second with 30% of the market followed by América Movil’s Claro at 21%.  In 2021 and 2022 Antel invested USD 161 million, 80% of which was assigned for fiber optics infrastructure expansion in the interior of the country. 

ANTEL welcomes partnerships with U.S. companies that provide Smart Homes applications including internet video surveillance systems, TV boxes, and other smart applications and devices. They also look to partner in smart solutions for the industry and the logistics sector. New opportunities are expected in automation, the use of robots, virtual and augmented reality, gaming, software, and other solutions.  

ANTEL will also go through an internal IT modernization program and is looking for IT/AI telco-oriented software. On top of possible partnerships, ANTEL publishes tendering opportunities online. Depending on the specifications of each tender, international companies can bid directly if they have previously registered as a “provider to the Uruguayan government”. Companies that do not wish to go through the formal registration process can participate if they partner with a local Uruguayan company. Please note that Uruguay’s tenders are released and close quite quickly.  

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