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Burma (Myanmar) Education

Burma’s outbound student rate is increasing steadily, and education service providers eager to collaborate with US colleges and universities.

Burma currently has 47,365 primary schools with approximately 9.26 million students and 163 higher education universities with approximately 8 million students. The government high schools and universities have been temporarily closed since 2020 due to the pandemic and the military coup. Consequently, many students are concerned about their education and looking for opportunities to study abroad. Parents are also becoming more interested in investing in their children’s future career opportunities through education.

Thailand and Singapore are the primary international host countries for Burmese students. Japan, China, and Malaysia are additional Asian destinations. Moreover, there are also students from Burma studying in India, Hong Kong, and Korea. The UK, US, and Australia are the leading educational destinations in the West. 

Burmese Students Studying in the United States

According to the Institute of International Education Open Doors 2020 Report, there were 1,828 Burmese students studying in the US, a 71% increase over 2015 (1,067 students). The favorite study destinations are California 30%, New York 13%, and Massachusetts 6.2% (SEVIS Data, 2020). The main areas of study for Burmese students include business management, financial management, project management, hospitality, accounting, marketing, engineering, and information technology. 

Scholarships and financial aid programs are important 

Many students come from middle-class families. Scholarships from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Thailand are appealing to students. The most popular scholarships are the Fulbright Scholarship from the United States, the Chevening Scholarship from the United Kingdom, the Australia Award Scholarship from Australia, and the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship from the EU.

Education service providers and local representation are crucial 

Many students seek assistance from education service providers who are knowledgeable about international higher education, including the admissions process, visa requirements, and scholarship opportunities. Local service providers are also eager to collaborate with reputable foreign colleges or universities to provide their students with a variety of study options. The service providers’ market is not as large as that of Thailand or Vietnam, but there are quality agents who work with US schools as well as schools in UK and Australia.  In addition, international schools often directly invite foreign colleges and universities to conduct virtual education fairs for their students.

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