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The outbound student mobility rate in Burma (Myanmar) has been increasing prominently since 2021. More than 17,000 Burmese students are studying abroad in 2022. Thailand and Japan are the primary international host countries for Myanmar students, with approximately 3,700 students and 3,500 students, respectively, studying in the academic year 2022. Singapore, China, Korea, and Malaysia are additional Asian destinations. The UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia are the leading educational destinations in the Western world. 

According to the Institute of International Education Open Doors 2021 Report, 1,909 students were studying in the United States, a 71% increase over 2015 (1,067 students). The favorite states of Burma (Myanmar) students are New York 13% and California 30% (SEVIS Data, 2020). The main area of study for Myanmar students includes business management, financial management, project management, hospitality, accounting, marketing, engineering, and information technology. 

Education service providers and local representation are crucial in the export of educational services. Many students seek assistance from education service providers with good knowledge of international higher education, including the admissions process, visa requirements, and scholarship opportunities. Local service providers are eager to collaborate with reputable foreign colleges or universities to provide their students with various study options. The service providers’ market is not as large as that of Thailand or Vietnam, but we do have quality agents who work with over 100 US schools. They have extensive experience working with US schools as well as schools in the UK and Australia. International schools, on the other hand, are directly inviting foreign colleges and universities to conduct virtual education fairs for their students.

This is very encouraging for U.S. colleges and universities to explore business opportunities in Burma.

Before doing business in Burma, visit our office page for the latest updates on sanctions, export controls, and the investment climate for Burma. For assistance with Burma Healthcare Sector, U.S. exporters can email Burma’s office at the U.S. Commercial Service Department.