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Mozambique Biofuels Blending Mandate

As part of a broader set of economic reforms, the Government of Mozambique has mandated that ethanol and biodiesel be blended with gasoline and diesel, for which it is still developing its standards and blending regulations. 

The purpose of these reforms is to reduce the country’s reliance on fuel imports and create a market for Mozambique’s large agricultural sector to grow feeder crops to be transformed into biofuels. The U.S. Embassy has been collaborating with U.S. and Mozambican private sector actors to present U.S. standards, equipment, and services to assist Mozambique in building this new industry. 

Mozambique is planning to use sugar cane as the feedstock for ethanol production and blend it with gasoline in 11 pre-selected locations, 3 of which will be in existing fuel import terminals that have storage infrastructure. In the short term, Mozambique will likely have to import ethanol to meet local demand and in the future will continue to import smaller quantities to supplement local production. This is a major opportunity for U.S. suppliers of agricultural equipment, as well as distilling and blending equipment. Mozambique will also be a new market for ethanol exporters. 

Currently the U.S. embassy is working with several institution including Standards Alliance, Pivot Clean Energy  and the U.S. Grains Council to help Mozambique develop standards and regulations that will spur this new industry.

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