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Last published date: 2020-08-07


The ICT sector in Spain has clearly been affected by the recent international health crisis, which has had a significant impact on the economy in Spain, as major investment decisions and IT upgrades had to be reconsidered or postponed. Nevertheless, Spain is one of the largest economies in the European Union, and industry-specific solutions will continue to find good opportunities in the private sector.  U.S. companies are key suppliers of innovative products and services.

U.S. multinationals in IT equipment and software have a very strong position in the Spanish market due to their long-term commitment and presence in the market.  More than 70 percent of ICT-related company headquarters are in two autonomous regions: Madrid and Catalonia (the region including Barcelona). The number of ICT companies in Spain is estimated at 29,000. Wholesalers and distributors play an important role in the market.

Leading Sub-Sectors

Telecommunication equipment: Spain’s 5G National Plan will be a driver for equipment upgrades in Spain, not only on mobile networks, but on the further development of their backbone fiber networks. Telefonica announced on July 30, 2020 that by 2025 their fiber optic network will cover the whole country. The Spanish CMNC publishes an annual report on the Telecommunications and audiovisual sector in Spain.

Cybersecurity: The recent need of companies to increase telework and the related exponential growth of BYOD is generating major challenges to IT security teams.

Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI): The trend to move to hybrid or pure cloud solutions for companies has accelerated in the last few months. AI adoption has also been significantly enhanced in parallel.


The Spanish Government announced on July 23, 2020, that it had adopted its digital strategy 2025 which aims to promote the digital transformation of the country through digital connectivity, strengthened cybersecurity, digitalization of public administrations and incorporation of artificial intelligence  technologies, among other initiatives.

Alphabet announced in its plans on July 28, 2020 to build a new subsea cable with landing points in New York, Bude, U.K., and Bilbao, Spain.  The new cable is scheduled to go online in 2022.  Google plans to launch a new Google Cloud region in Madrid. U.S. cloud-based services will likely benefit from this increased capacity and from the rapid adaptation of Spanish companies to telework readiness.

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