Spain - Country Commercial Guide
Licensing Requirements
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Non-EU/European Economic Area (EEA) nationals need a residence and employment permit to work in Spain. However, there are some exceptions although they may still require a visa or residence permit to come to Spain. Some exceptions include university professors, technicians and scientists, professionals invited to Spain to develop scientific or cultural programs, foreign journalists, artists coming for specific performances, and clergy.

A program was introduced in 2014 that allows non-EU national investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals, and researchers to apply for fast-track visas and permits for investing in the country. Contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate for more information.

Certain professions need specific qualifications to practice in Spain. For more information, please check out the regulations governing regulated professions and free movement of professionals in the European Union.  Assistance with the recognition of professional qualifications and advice on how to navigate through the administrative formalities is available via the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Universities (Ministerio de Universidades).