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Safety and Security are defined for this Country Commercial Guide as the equipment and services used to protect corporate assets (whether a person or an organization) by creating safe, secure, and risk-free conditions. Security pertains to protection against criminal activities and threats (real and perceived) like employing a guard or installing video cameras, while safety is concerned with the protection of human lives and assets against hazards (mishaps and accidents). Both aspects are considered as sectors of opportunity for U.S. exporters of goods and services interested in Spain.      

Spain’s security equipment industry is estimated at approximately USD 2.7 billion, making it the fifth largest in Europe. The country has a trade deficit equivalent to 10 percent of its security equipment demand and relies on imports from key trading partners like China, France, Germany, Italy, UK, and the U.S. This makes the United States a great supply source for Spanish demand.

The strongest growth is shown in the segments of access control and identity management; communications equipment; data analytics and storage; disaster management; fire equipment for prevention, detection and extinction; personal protective gear; risk management services; screening and detection equipment; and surveillance and specialized vehicles.

The most relevant stakeholders that source such equipment are mainly in the following application areas and were responsible for Spain’s budget investment in 2021:

  • Central and Regional Governments – national buildings; parliaments; state assembly complexes; high officialls’ residences; etc.
  • Infrastructure – financial institutions; commercial banking; smart safer cities and critical national infrastructure protection like energy generation facilities; water utility companies; etc.
  • First Responders – Police and law enforcement agencies; emergency services like fire and disaster resilience management; situational awareness and communication equipment at the local, regional, and national levels.
  • Border Security – all dimensions of entry points from land, sea or air like airports, ports and entry/exit checkpoints on land borders, etc.
  • Large Events Security – large scale business and entertainment events like sports centers and concerts, especially related to COVID-19.
  • Transport Security – critical public mobility facilities like railways, roads, and urban metro rail where public and private sector organizations seek security solutions that do not disrupt passenger and freight flows.

To engage the Spanish market from a competitive footing, it is strongly recommended that U.S. manufacturers appoint a local representative, especially if seeking to participate in public tenders. 

The August 2017, Barcelona terrorist attacks and the 2015-2017 attacks across Europe have directed greater attention on threats posed by terrorists and were a catalyst for Spanish authorities to enhance emergency planning and response capabilities. Collaboration among Spanish regions can be challenging when it comes to resource allocation and decision-making for national level issues. This could be an obstacle to harmonized efforts to carry out the country’s counter terror and public safety missions. 

The same applies for firefighter responses, where the lack of a national coordinated center with representation across autonomous communities can be an impediment in the advancement of fire safety/prevention responses, thus delaying the decision-making process. 

Leading Sub-Sectors

  • Video surveillance systems (CCTV/Video surveillance, video management, video analytics; facial recognition and biometrics technologies)
  • Crowd control systems (safety barriers, access control, and security solutions for employees and customers; temperature measurement devices related to COVID-19)
  • Electronic Access Control System (proximity and smart cards, electromechanical locking solutions, biometrics)
  • Entrance Solutions (mechanical locks, automated gates, vehicles barriers, turnstiles, roll-up doors; smart recognition systems for controlled access)
  • Scanning Equipment (narcotics/explosive/metal detectors, scanning and screening equipment with high image resolution)
  • National Security Innovative solutions (counter terrorism, border security, critical infrastructure, command and control, law enforcement eq.)
  • Fire & Rescue (fire/smoking detection, fire suppression, fire proofing, leak detection, protective gear)
  • Drones and Counter Drone technology for a wide range of applications related to border control, city and traffic surveillance, airport, and ports security among others.


Application Area


Access Control, Perimeter Security & Identity Management

Access control and identity management including cards, keypads, biometrics, door locks, bolts, physical barriers and area protection, perimeter fencing and counter-IED infrastructure.

Command and Control

Command and control including information technology, computer-aided dispatch, physical security information management, geographical information systems, public service answering points, managed services and integration.

Communication Equipment

Communications including radio equipment, fiber optic and satellite equipment, network solutions and integration.

Data Analytics and Storage

Data analytics including storage, big data solutions and data intelligence.

Risk Averse Security Services

Risk services including advisory and analysis, maritime protection, VIP protection and anti-theft systems.

Screening and Detection

Detection technologies for the screening of baggage, vehicles and people from hand-held devices to large sensor arrays.


Surveillance including cameras, drone systems, CCTV systems, storage, analytics, networks, novel technologies for locating and identifying unmanned aerial vehicles and passive and active radar systems.

Vehicles and Platforms

Vehicles including sirens and blue light services, unmanned air platforms.

Personal Protection Gear

Personal protective equipment including shields, tactical gears, vests and CBRN suits.

Fire Equipment

Fire equipment including active fire protection (detection and alarm systems, sprinklers, mists and inert gas systems), passive fire protection (structural fire protection, fire stopping and fire doors) and fire and rescue (appliances, hoses, uniforms and breathing apparatus).

Managed Services

Managed services including manned guarding, total security solutions, and Security as a Service.

Disaster Management/Disaster Resilience

Provision of products, services and intelligence in support of humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts (manmade or related to climate change).

Source: Frost & Sullivan Security Report 2020/2021

There is increased demand for integrated solutions, such as security solutions that cover on-site and immediate response personnel, intelligent video surveillance systems, biometrics solutions, electronic security, alarm systems, and fire-related security systems to help increase city’s resilience and response time. Critical infrastructure protection is also in high demand for better and more innovative surveillance systems and technologies.

The current Spanish economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted public procurement budgets resulting in some projects being put on hold. Nevertheless, there are many products that are expected to maintain a high degree of interest in the market such as, explosives detection equipment for ports and airports, equipment for scientific/forensic police, law enforcement high-end surveillance systems, solutions for disaster resilience for a safer civil society, homeland and infrastructure protection against threats.

In general, U.S. safety and security products enjoy an excellent reputation as being high quality and state-of-the-art. Teaming with a strong Spanish counterpart should be considered as a primary option to develop an effective market access strategy. Most multinationals in the sector are present in Spain directly or through partners.


Disaster Resilience in Spain and EU funded projects

CS Spain can help U.S. organizations to access the Cluster 3 programs for civil security for safer societies, under the EU Research and Innovation (R&I) framework program, HORIZON EUROPE, which funds opportunities to develop innovative solutions in different fields of security, such as disaster resilience, combatting  crime and terrorism, border security, and critical infrastructures protection. This program is open for proposals annually between June and November every year until working program is in place, which includes the possibility of enhancing international cooperation with stakeholders in the United States.

International cooperation has had positive outcomes when accessing these projects, especially if U.S. companies offer high-tech solutions and innovation. Successful projects led by Spain include the active involvement of Spanish stakeholders, end-users, industry and academia. U.S. organizations can participate via local partnerships, made possible with the help of the U.S. Commercial Service partner search and matchmaking programs.

One such outstanding program of the Spanish government is the international cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and CDTI (Center for Technology and Innovation).  Named “IFRAFRI”- (International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation)- it is an organization of government leaders from across the globe, focused on enhancing and expanding the development of affordable and innovative technology for first responders worldwide.

IFAFRI does this by working with the global first responder community to define a list of common, high priority capability gaps; providing a platform for international collaboration on innovative research and development (R&D) initiatives and solutions; informing and guiding industry and academia about market opportunities to incentivize these actors to develop and produce innovative technology solutions to first responder capability gaps; and lastly the program provides information about relevant and available first responder technologies to the first responder community, while not endorsing any specific technology, product, or manufacturer.

The purpose of this list of suppliers is to characterize the markets and identify technology solutions relevant to IFAFRI’s Capability Gap 5: The ability to maintain interoperable communications with responders in any environmental conditions. IFAFRI is publishing this information to identify potential areas of R&D where there may be opportunity for industry and academia to develop innovative solutions. Further, it is intended to provide industry and academia with key data points and analysis that will inform their decision on entering or expanding into related markets.

CS Spain can help U.S. companies understand the steps necessary to be included in this list.

Port Security

One of the greatest challenges to the development of a smart port is the rising threat of cyber-attacks and the need for increased physical security. Ports around Spain have begun to install cameras at terminal entrances to keep a registration of vehicles accessing port territories and systems of so-called “remote security” to provide security personnel with wireless devices. Solutions in high demand are facial recognition systems, control of cargo activity, tracking control of vehicles, and/or persons inside the port, usage of artificial intelligence to help detect wrongful actions, and any innovative smart port security technology.

Furthermore, because many companies in the port industry are responsible for safeguarding physical assets as well as customer data, many ports require modernized and guarded security systems. The United States is a primary source for these types of innovative technologies.


Local Partners:

The Commercial Service collaborates with a significant network of local partners to help leverage opportunities and include U.S. stakeholders in this dynamic environment. Here are a few:

  • CDTI
  • Fundación Borredá 
  • Horizon Europe Funds – Cluster 3 for Civil Security Society
  • Security Technological Center for Innovation - Ministry of Interior
  • Seguritecnia Revista

For more information and services in Spain please contact:

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