Pakistan - Country Commercial Guide
Temporary Entry

Discusses requirements for products entering the country/economy temporarily including information on warranty and non-warranty items entering the country/economy for repair.

Last published date: 2019-10-13

GOP import regulations permit temporary import of legally importable items by foreign companies (e.g., commercial samples), and goods imported by oil and gas companies, oil exploration and production companies, their contractors and sub-contractors, refineries, mining companies, foreign airlines and shipping companies, construction companies and contracting firms provided that a bank guarantee or indemnity bond is provided to Customs to ensure that the items will be re-exported. Similarly, domestic industrial firms may import items for test, trial, and re-export, subject to submission of indemnity bond or bank guarantee. The chief executives of companies have to certify that their contractors, sub-contractors and services companies are importing products for tests, trials and re-export.

Export of imported goods in their original form is not allowed except for parts obtained from ship breaking, scrapped battery cells, waste dental amalgam, waste exposed x-ray films, old machinery, items imported against back to back letters of credit and items. Re-export of old and second-hand machinery is allowed, subject to the condition that no refund of import levies and duty drawback shall be made.

Re-export is made against sight letters of credit or advance payment and payment of full duties if re-exported through land routes. Customs permit Pakistani exporters to replace exported goods that are found defective during the warranty period subject to furnishing of a copy of contract and a communication from a buyer giving the details of the goods that have been found defective.