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eCommerce Definitions
Looking for a place to begin with cross-border ecommerce? Let's review some ecommerce basic definitions.

eCommerce Definitions

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What is eCommerce? 

eCommerce is a sales channel that crosses all industries that sell or promote brand awareness online and is considered a sales channel and part of a businesses’ digital strategy.  

What is “Cross-Border eCommerce”? 

Cross-border eCommerce is international ecommerce. It is literally “selling across a border using ecommerce,” as opposed to domestic ecommerce transactions. 

Business to business (B2B) eCommerce transactions are made between businesses, where a supplier sells in bulk. Business to consumer (B2C) is where a business sells its product directly to a customer, either directly from a company website or an online marketplace. 

What is an eCommerce Marketplace? 

A third-party website that hosts vendor pages as online storefronts and transactions are processed by the marketplace service provider/operator. It is part of an eCommerce sales channel mix, along with website, social media, and in-country partner/distributor online presence. Find eCommerce Marketplace Services Here.

What is an eCommerce Platform? 

A series of software technologies that are integrated into a business’s website that allows a business to solicit products or services from their website to complete the online sales cycle.  Find eCommerce Backend Technology Services Here.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The process of improving your business website’s ability to show up in an online search result when it should. 

What is International SEO?

International SEO is part of website internationalization, which itself is the process of improving your business website’s ability to show up in an international online search result when it should, for the purpose of increasing international online sales (exports).

What is Website Analytics?

Looking at the visitor behavior data of your website, and making strategic business decisions based on information you collect and interpret to maximize your return from your ecommerce sales channels through the use of ecommerce key performance indicators.



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