Ukraine - Country Commercial Guide
Oil and Gas Equipment
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Ukraine has taken steps to diversify fuel supplies and improve oil and natural gas production with the goal of increasing energy independence (it is worthwhile noting that generators and other electrical equipment are exempt from import duties and VAT as per CMU Order No.1260 dated November 9, 2022 which amended the CMU Order No.224 dated March 20, 2020). Ukraine’s oil and gas industry plays a significant role in the country’s national energy security strategy. Over the past several years, domestic production has declined; the goal of increasing domestic production creates significant opportunities for U.S. companies in supplying equipment and technology. Sub-sector best prospects include:

Oil & Machinery

  • Mobile workover rigs with 125 ton and 180 ton lifting capacity
  • Casing pipes for wells, oil well tubing, drilling tubing
  • Drilling muds and related services
  • Downhole drilling motors and services.

E&P services:

  • Wide introduction of sidetracking technology
  • Oil & gas upstream services
  • Wells workover operations
  • Seismic exploration works
  • Hydraulic fracture works
  • Coiled tubing services.

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