Switzerland - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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Switzerland’s skilled labor force and high productivity often justify the country’s high salaries (median of $88,300 in 2020). Products with relatively advanced technologies have the best prospects for gaining entry into the Swiss market. For example, the high concentration of computer and internet usage per capita makes Switzerland a sophisticated market for U.S. technology products and digital services. As such, ITA’s Consulting Services Top Export Market Ranking ranks Switzerland as a top prospective market for consulting services.

Switzerland also serves as a test market for new high-tech and consumer products and is strategically placed as a gateway to EU markets. Switzerland is one of the world’s top countries for R&D, with further potential for partnerships in areas like biotech, medtech, nanotech, cleantech, and renewable energy. The significant assets under Swiss management pooled from around the world, as well as Swiss financial technology (fintech) talent and experience, may be a draw for U.S. financial service providers.