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Licensing Requirements for Professional Services
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As in the United States, professional service providers in Switzerland often require operating licenses. Licensing is not always regulated at the federal level and may be devolved to the individual cantons, so requirements vary depending on location and sector. Some cantons may not require licenses for a given service, while others do.

Foreign individuals or companies who wish to conduct business in Switzerland may seek Swiss recognition of their foreign credentials. When neither federal nor cantonal licensing requirements exist for a profession, foreign businesses do not need to obtain extra authorization to serve clients professionally.

For a full list of regulated professions that require certification along with the authority in charge of granting authorization, visit the State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation’s (SERI) website.

To inquire about the recognition of specific foreign professional qualifications, contact SERI via telephone at +41 58 462 28 26 or via email at contactpoint@sbfi.admin.ch.